Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

Friday, June 8, 2018

USARL June 9th Games

June 9th-

White Plains Wombats vs Boston 13s

Northern Virginia Eagles vs Brooklyn Kings

South Florida Copperheads vs Atlanta Rhinos

Delaware Black Foxes vs Philadelphia Fight
New York Knights - BYE


Mark Bingham

Good luck to all playing this year. Rugby for all, all for Rugby.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Rugby League in America

As much as I try and have this blog cover both rugby union and rugby league I admit it sides on the Union side more often then not. But I do try and put out as much league info as I can when I am able to and have participating parties respond. there are quite a few League Podcast's out there on Itunes, Soundcloud and other podcast sources. However there aren't many based here in the USA , and its even more rare to find one that focuses on the code in North America. Lucky for us all there is one brave soul, enter Nate. Founder of Rugby League in America podcast.

LLR- For those of us who haven't gotten to know you yet can you share a little about yourself, where you live, playing career.

N-There isn't anything fancy or extraordinary about my background to be honest. I grew up in Florida, playing & watching sports like so many others do here in the States. I played a lot of different sports with football being my favorite but soccer being my best. Currently I live in the DC area with my beautiful family but I've lived in a multitude of places such as Arizona & Japan, among many others. Rugby wise, like a lot of other Americans my first chances to play on an organized side was through union. After playing on multiple teams I had the privilege to coach the backs at Westfield State University in Massachusetts for three seasons. Interestingly enough one of the main focuses I had there was trying to integrate as much of the rugby league style as possible & because I had really fast backs it worked out quite well. The way I became involved in RL is actually quite humorous, as I've never had the opportunity to play a match here in America (due to not being within a few hours of any USARL clubs), just two practices with Boston. While I was serving in the US Air Force overseas I happened to be deployed with a decent amount of Australian & New Zealand soldiers who obviously enjoyed rugby based on where they grew up. Since collectively the Aussies outnumbered the Kiwis we played RL rules & that is how I had the chance to get in some scrimmaging in the 13 man code. I have been addicted ever since.

LLR- What brought on doing a podcast?
N-The podcast was something that I explored for quite a while but due to my job keeping me incredibly busy & also coaching the WSU Owls I focused on just being a fan & student of the game. I spent countless late nights studying games on YouTube & reading up on the clubs & national side but over time I realized that I couldn't seem to find a regular sports outlet that delivered updated content on Americans playing the game. Since I'm not close enough to any teams I wanted to do my part to help grow the game because it's too exciting to not have it as a staple in the American sports landscape.

LLR- Where does the code of league stand today in the US?

N- I personally think that League is on the cusp of something big here in America. You have teams from Boston to Bonita Springs & in a lot of major cities in between & in a few years time it may very well expand to the midwest region with teams in the Chicago area & possibly even Canada. Obviously it doesn't have the long history here in America as union does but it is a game that is more electrifying & understandable to those of us who grew up with American football. When you add in things such as OZTAG & multiple nines tournaments you start to build a certain level of awareness that is required to take the code to the next level here.

LLR- In your opinion what is a few ways the current clubs and governing body can move the code forward?
N- In regards to how the domestic sides can help, as well as the USA Hawks I think that's simple. From a club perspective just keep developing young players & mix them in with some capable individuals who sacrifice their time to come play in the States & further improve our league. If they add in a bit more social media awareness & they can tap into the youth levels then they'll have a solid way to attract regional fans. National Team wise I think they just have to continue to pick players who after the 2017 RLWC have more skills & wisdom to offer the squad. In 2021 we'll be taking a squad that will have a lot more experience & knowledge of each other than we've had in the past. Sponsorship would also be massive so that the guys can afford to have a few camps per year to focus on what Coach Sean Rutgerson & his staff need them to in order to be at their best in three years time. The thing that both of them can do is to help out anyone who is trying to expand the game to new regions, such as the Chicago Stockyarders & Mike Featherstone. Deepening the league pool only strengthens the legitimacy of the league & the NT player pool.

LLR- What does a 2025 successful world cup look like to you ?
N -That answer (above) leads directly into this one & that is that we can expect a RLWC to come to our shores in 2025. That is going to be a major step for the clubs, our national team & RL as a whole. I think we currently aren't developed enough to make it a healthy product but with the likes of the Toronto Wolfpack & the NYC based club the awareness needed to sustain once the final whistle blows is beginning to take shape. We have 400 million potential fans & players in a sports market that is broad & has endless opportunities. Although it is a different sport with a different depth of pockets, you only have to look at what the MLS did after the 1994 World Cup that was hosted here. We have that opportunity in seven years time & if we can find the proper individuals to take the game forward marketing wise, we can make it something that sticks. In my mind a successful 2025 campaign would be to have both North American teams do well in their respective matches & to have coverage from those who know how to market our players & the 13 man code throughout the month long contest.

LLR- Chile is joining the America's qualifications tournament for the world Cups, what country do you see being the next to join?

N-To be honest I think that Argentina is the next up in the Americas & I could see them being represented well in the 2025 RLWC. I also think that even though they're already one of the teams in the running, Jamaica has to be respected as a developing RL nation. Jamaica has so many athletes that compete in other sports that as they develop their own domestic league it's only a matter of time until they start to pull from a rich Olympic level talent pool.

LLR- on your pod you like to drink some whiskey, any recommendations?

Nif you haven’t tried the Jameson Caskmates IPA edition it’s a fun one. If you want something that is tasty but not too peaty try Glenlivet. Taliskers is peaty but good & my favorite whiskey that I’ve ever tried is Glenfarclas 12yr. Incredibly unique.

LLR- How can people get in touch with you and fallow your amazing coverage?

N- People can find me on any of the social platforms at either Rugby League in America Podcast or rlapodcast. My website should be up & running at the beginning of June, so search soon & give it a look. *I would also recommend fallowing Rugby League in America on youtube, be sure to hit subscribe and to also leave a rating on iTunes.

Friday, May 4, 2018

May Player Profile

Stephanie Corlew is this months player profile. Mother to 3 year old son, this Portland Pig is one tough Rugger and is a menace on the pitch! an absolute delight and overall amazing person. I hope you take the time to get to know Stephanie and connect with her via Instagram, USA Rugby I hope you take notice.

(Stephanie and her son brantley)

Playing Info-

Began playing when she was 17 yrs old.
played for West Linn High school, currently plays for Portland Pigs

Positions- Outside Center and Flanker
Average 5 Tries a game.

Rookie of the year first year playing
Voted best Forward
2017 MVP

General Info-

Favorite hobbies are going to the gym, snow boarding and of course playing Rugby.
Fun Facts: Rugby nick name is Princess, Born on a leap year.
Mother to son Brantley (3-1/2 yr old), overall dedicated rugby player.

Random Rugby Questions-

LLR- What are your favorite rugby events to attend?

SC- Favorite Rugby events to attend, Vegas 7's hands down and Maggotfest

LLR- Favorite rugby player male or female?

SC- Portia Woodman

LLR- What would you say to that young female athlete on why she should go out for rugby?

SC- Rugby is my outlet, it's such a strong empowering sport. it has taught me so much about myself, how to really push myself and make myself better. Not only is it a physical sport but its very mental. I think every young women should try rugby.

-Highlight reel-

For anyone wanting to get in touch and fallow Stephanie feel free to fallow her on Instagram- @rugbyprincess29

*if you have a player you wish to have profiled please email info at

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Scores 4/23/18

Oregon City 40 - Lincoln HS 5
Eastside 24 - Beaverton Barbarians 22
SFGG 35 - CK McClatchy 19
Napa 81 - Edison HS 7

Reynolds 35 - Timberwolves 0 (F)

San Jose Seahawks 26 - SFGG 22